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Tipplers just fly and fly. The fanciers of Tipplers can compete against others anywhere in the world without leaving the confines of their own home. A kit of Tipplers consists of three or more pigeons. The tippler team is best when small; controlling and managing a small kit is in fact easier. Generally, the aim is to let the whole kit of Tipplers fly above/around the house for as long as possible. When one of the Tipplers land, or if the fancier gives the landing sign, that is the end of the competition. Read more about Tipplers by browsing our 'Tippler Information' area.

Fun with Tipplers

Flying pigeons can be fun for the whole family. Pigeons have a very good effect on those who care and maintain them. For some, the Tippler pigeon is an enjoyable breed to keep. They provide hours and hours of performance right over one's loft. However, be careful as they can be so addictive!