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Nutrition protein shake


Usually, most of us do not understand the proper nutrients needed by our body.
One of the most important nutrients which we fail to intake regularly is. Protein provides food to our muscles to make it strong and to build more endurance and stamina for the body. Because of different types of eating habits, we may often experience various types of healthy problems due to the lack of protein in our system.
Some may also experience muscle loss because of this. On the other hand, a lot of protein supplements are available in the market nowadays. People now have various ways on how to increase the protein supply in their body. One of these efforts is the use of nutrition protein shakes.

Nutrition protein shakes are currently the most important supplement there is. It is very healthy alternative diets to use. It does not have any sort of side effects and negative outcomes. This is due to the fact that protein is the most significant part of your diet, whether your goals are to amplify muscles and get bigger and stronger, or drop weight and lose fat and to achieve a lean body.
Protein is the most important nutrient for the muscles in the human body, and with no protein, your body will not be able to create and build strong and well toned muscles.

Nutrition protein shakes are the in thing nowadays. For people who are always on the go, for individuals who are trying to start a healthy life, for athletes who needs a boost of energy and muscle mass for their sports, and for people who are diet conscious, nutrition protein shakes may be the answer to your various eating concerns.
Nutrition protein shakes together with various diets, health and wellness supplements, and various fitness clubs, you are on your way to a healthier and better you.

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good fly today


Had a kit of young birds up today let them go for 4 hours I think they would of gone a lot longer but dont want to push them to hard it was very hot and that the longest they flown up till now

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New Year beginnings


Been out of the loop for a little while due to the fact that my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died on March 22, 2016. The family emergency put me out of the loop for a few months and now I'm just getting back to my work and pigeon matters. I will be posting a few things for sale in the near future. At the moment I have a book entitled "Breeding Better Pigeons" by G. H. T. Stovin published in 1964 that is a must for any pigeon breeder. I have an extra copy in GREAT condition and will let it go postage paid throughout North America for $50. postage paid.

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The CNTU will be hosting their AGM on Sunday, January 10th, 2016.
The time will be 10am-1pm

Location: Erin Mills Twin Arenas, ON 2ND FLOOR
3205 Unity Dr., Mississauga, ON (906) 615-4760

More information can be found by visiting the website in our links section. (http://www.tipplers.ca/)

A bit of nostalgia, Louisville, KY


Last night I was reading Nino's nostalgic post that reminded me of a photo that I just came across yesterday. I've been sorting and organizing lately and stumbled across these three fellas. I was having a senior moment and the location escaped me for a time before I recalled the location that brought these three together. I think it was the Louisville Young Bird show around 20 years ago (Oct 1997).

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The birds behind the hours


The other day I posted some very interesting information about Wilf Lovatt who was the first man to reach 20 hours. However, David Fuller brought to my attention that there was certainly a lot more information regarding this man's birds and his wonderful times. According to the obituaries of Albert Hartshorne, Wilf had flown some birds that were bred by Albert. The obituary stated: "Albert supplied Wilf with a lot of pigeons that he flew big times with, including one in the 20 hour kit". This is not the first time this sort of arrangement has existed and this is obviously something that often works.

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First to 20 hours

Photo of Wilf Lovatt standing by his loft.
Photo of Bob Funk and Wilf Lovatt standing in front of Wilf's Loft

Who was the first man to fly 20 hours in competition? I believe it was Wilf Lovatt of Stoke-on-Trent

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A Visit to Wilf Lovatts loft


The attached article from the 1972 APJ describes a complete visit to the loft of Flying Tippler Legend Wilf Lovatt. The story is told by Robert B Funk who many know as a known tipplerman himself from the United States. He writes from Florida. The article is very good and I recommend anyone to read it. Lovatts are a family of Tipplers that I flew in the late 80's and early 90's.

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Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Has anyone read this article? It's very good.


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