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Lucky day out there

Received this report from my dear friend Danny McCarthy that shows just out lucky one can be on occasion: "Yesterday (Nov 19, 2015) I was training my young ones, it was their 3rd day out on the loft. They flew for around 15 minutes and I dropped them using my white droppers. However one of them would not land on the loft roof and kept flying low even though all the others had landed on the loft.

First to 20 hours

Funk & Lovatt

Who was the first man to fly 20 hours in competition? I believe it was Wilf Lovatt of Stoke-on-Trent but anyone can correct me if I am wrong. I came across information and posted it in the "Tippler Information" or forums section under information about Wilf Lovatt. It is also attached to this blog post.


20150820_150023 (800x450).jpg

Well todays event in my world of Tipplers , I found an egg on the floor today. too late in the season to sit on. Even though the shell was broken the skin was not.
What time in life do you Tippler people pair up? Or in this sense not pair up. I am waiting to split the cocks from the hens but got to work out who is what sex..... which Red is the Cock which red is the hen

What colour is my hen

dun hen.jpg

What colour is my hen she is similar to a blue but more fawny/dun ? any takers or opinions