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Well todays event in my world of Tipplers , I found an egg on the floor today. too late in the season to sit on. Even though the shell was broken the skin was not.
What time in life do you Tippler people pair up? Or in this sense not pair up. I am waiting to split the cocks from the hens but got to work out who is what sex..... which Red is the Cock which red is the hen

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What colour is my hen

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What colour is my hen she is similar to a blue but more fawny/dun ? any takers or opinions

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Hello welcome feathered friends

Well I purchased my first real tipplers the other week drove the five and a half hours there & back.( Englands a foreign land to me see, lots more people) Quarantined them. Wormed them. Sesquisi'd them . put them in to the bath. wondering what to do next. they are old birds so no out of the cote yet.

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Greetings from tipplers lover from Bangladesh

Hello dear friends,

I am a very new member of this page .i am from Bangladesh. .tipplers pigeons are very much favorite in Bangladesh .we have some very good breeds of tippler that can easily fly sun rise to sun set .and we are also doing distance flying by tipplers but in a short range .last winter we had race of 75 km there were 20 pigeons of each person and they were freed 75 km away from home .the guy who was first he had 18 pigeons returned.
we want to participate in international events .please let us know how we could participate in international tipplers forum .later on i will upload some videos and pics.

e-mail-anamkarim [at]
ph -008801750805701